Talk is finally here!

Digital platform Talk Assisted Ordering system launches in Metro Manila

As the food industry continues its evolution during the new normal, a new player enters the game of digital platforms offering what consumers and businesses need during these unprecedented times.

Catering to both food merchants and consumers, the Talk Assisted Ordering System (TAO) aims to create a dynamic environment when dining in.

“We are definitely excited to introduce to everyone a brand new way of dining in, without compromising anyone’s safety, privacy, and time,” says Joseph Marcelo, founder, Talk Innovations Corp.

Scan, Talk, Order & Pay is the Easier Way

Using their phone, guests simply need to scan a QR code that will direct them to the Talk Assisted Ordering website where they can simply tap the Talk button to be able to directly talk to a food attendant.

During the conversation with the food attendant, guests will also have access to a virtual menu where they can easily look up the food that they want to order. Since the ordering process is being done through a verbal conversation, the process is easier for both parties.

Follow up can also be done even after the order has been placed. The platform is designed for every user’s convenience - customers and food attendants alike.

The platform is especially created for people who frequently park and order and for people who dine in preferring a contactless process.

Payment can be made through cash, Gcash, Paymaya, and credit or debit cards.

“The Talk Assisted Ordering system or TAO is a sustainable, easy-to-use platform that allows both food merchants and consumers to enjoy the dine-in process. With all other ordering platforms set on taps and clicks, TAO is bringing to the fore the strength of voice communication, a verbal conversation between restaurants and their consumers - speed and a personalized customer service,” Marcelo further explained.

More is on the way

The Talk Assisted Ordering platform is only one of the few products that Talk Innovations Corp. is set to introduce to the public in the coming months.

Talk Innovations Corp. was founded at a time when innovation has become crucial to progress, as it taps into the core of faster and smarter conversations. Talk is aiming to revolutionize app-based and voice communication experience.

The company also plans to expand their reach nationwide and abroad including the United States and Southeast Asian countries.

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