Creating a dynamic 

digital environment

for smarter conversations

Our 3 Pillars of Excellence

We take pride in customer obsession.

Going above and beyond for our community, our partners, and our consumers

We embrace innovation.

Constantly pushing for progress, staying ahead of the curve

We are a team  of achievers.

Collaboration and excellence to create impact through our product and services

Our brand story

We are a young, homegrown company set to revolutionize the digital environment through voice communication.

We are a team of communicators and innovators creating a safe and exciting online space for everyone - across generation and demographics.

We understand the value of continuous evolution in communication solutions.

We are responsive to the ever-changing needs of the market as we provide a secure, accessible, fast and a reliable communications platform for every consumer's lifestyle needs.

What we offer

Talk app 

After downloading the talk app, and through the QR code technology, just scan the code and you’ll be directed to the merchants’ list or menu.

A voice conversation, done without exchange of numbers, between consumers and merchants eliminates unnecessary contact while adding human connection and personalized service to the mix.


Where we are headed

As we look forward to better days ahead, Talk is also setting its sights on becoming the go-to communications app for businesses, consumers, and advertisers. With multifaceted features, Talk will bring forth a new chapter in digital communication and human connection.